Pre-Painted Steel

Pre-Painted Steel Garden Sheds

On all our Pre-Painted Steel Shed options, one sliding shed door comes as standard, but you can add extras if needed and vary the size and placement of doors. You can also choose between having a flat roof or a gable roof. A benefit of our pre-painted steel is that you can choose from our range of colours for wall, roof and trim - all at the same cost.

Whether your desired look for your shed is soft and neutral or bold and dramatic, our pre-painted steel garden sheds come in a wide range of colours (as shown below) and contrasting trim, to suit your house and landscaping.

Pre-Painted steel garden sheds are a very popular option as they are very durable, low maintenance and they look great. While we can't colour-match exactly to your existing garage door or roof, our current range of colours below will allow you to complement the overall look of your property or yard.


Check out some more photos of our Pre-Painted Steel garden sheds here.

All timber and ply used in building Pre-Painted Steel Sheds are treated to H4 or H3.2. Our Pre-Painted Steel Sheds come in small, medium and large and can be easily customised to meet your requirements. 



Download our Pre-Painted Steel Shed Price Guide (PDF)

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