Custom Shelving

Because The Shed Shop offers a fully customised garden shed solution, to meet every customer's unique needs, we can give you the exact shelving configuration you want.


Our standard shelf is installed at ¾ height within the shed, ideal for creating storage off the ground for sprays and poisons, but without restricting storage space on the floor beneath. The shelves are attached to an extra rail built into the shed, but if required, we are able to customise the height. Shelves offer additional timber that is great for hanging extra hooks on back and front rails. 

Our shelves are 300mm deep, 12mm thick CD Structural Ply, treated to H3.2 and are supported by 45x45mm timber frame and braces, also treated to H3.2. All shelving is sold in 2.4m increments.

We've installed sheds with shelving on practically every wall, and often with mutliple shelves on a single wall to accommodate very specific tools or property.  We're also able to provide custom shelving solutions suitable for specialist sports and recreation equipment such as paddleboards, surfboards, skis and snowboards, fishing gear and golfing equipment.  


Check out more photos of our Shelving here.

Talk to the team at The Shed Shop today about your shelving requirements and we'll get it sorted for you.  

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Download our Pre-Painted Steel Shed Price Guide (PDF)
Download our Timber Clad Shed Price Guide (PDF)

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