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Whether you have a townhouse in the city or lifestyle block, we can adapt your garden shed to suit you.

Many homeowners with constricted suburban sites like a narrow shed that can fit down the side of the house close to the boundary. In narrow areas like this, it’s sometimes ideal to have doors at either end – to reach the shed through either the front or back (you could have bikes at the front and garden tools at the back, as one of our recent clients chose).

We can handle irregular shapes for unusual sites – even triangular sheds. These can be an ingenious way of getting the most out of an awkwardly shaped site. Check out our Unique Sheds gallery to get an idea of some sheds we have built to fit to an irregular site.

We manufacture garden sheds at our factory, deliver them and install them on your site. If access is tricky, we will complete the assembly and install at your place.

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