Roof Types

The Shed Shop offers three roof types for garden sheds: Flat, Gable and a customised Mono-Pitch.



Flat Roof

For sheds that are 1.6m wide or less, a Flat Roof is standard. This roof type has 20mm of fall across the shed width. If you would like a flat roof on a steel shed wider than 1.6m, a special low-profile steel beam is required to support the roof across the span.



Gable Roof

For sheds that are greater than 1.6m in width, a Gable Roof is standard. However, we can make Gable rooflines for sheds as small as 1.5m in width. A Gable Roof is beneficial to give the shed additional internal height and headroom, giving a much greater sense of space and making it more comfortable to work in. The external height of a gable is 260mm above wall height and has a timber beam that is generally 140mmx45mm or 190mmx45mm depending on the size of your shed. 



As a custom option, if you decide to have a Mono-Pitch Roof, you can choose the slope or fall across your shed. Mono-Pitch rooflines are a great solution if you have a wide shed but don’t want a gable roof, or if you’d like the shed to tie in with an adjacent building or home. In general, the wider the shed, the greater the fall required. This requires manual cutting of the side wall sheets. We can make Mono-Pitch rooflines for sheds wider than 2.4m by externally sourcing long-run steel.


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Download our Pre-Painted Steel Shed Price Guide (PDF)
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