Why Choose Us

The Shed Shop are garden shed experts

Quality Materials

Building the best quality sheds in the market, starts with using the very best materials.

Quality Workmanship

Our team of experts build sheds every day – they know what it takes.

Our manufacturing process ensures quality, efficiency, and strength. We build your garden shed in our factory and either deliver it pre-assembled or assemble it on site if access is tricky (or if your shed is too large to transport).

We're also committed to making sure our customers love their sheds. Every shed is different - why? Because every shed owner is different, and here at The Shed Shop, we understand that.

To hear from just a few of our many Happy Customers, check out our testimonials.


Four reasons to choose The Shed Shop: 


Fully tailored

Fully tailored garage

The Shed Shop is different because we genuinely customise your garden shed to suit your site and your specific needs. Tell us what you need and we'll create it. That's right - there's no penalty for going 'off plan' because there is no set plan. It all starts with you.

 Premium quality

Premium Quality Sheds

All of our garden sheds have timber rails or framing. For our Pre-Painted Steel sheds, we fold the steel around the corners to eliminate weak joints. They also have a deeper ribbed profile which also adds strength and style. Our sheds are much stronger than kitset sheds. 

Superior style

Superior style

You can choose from Pre-Painted Steel or Timber Cladding for your garden shed, with windows and doors wherever you like and options for flat, gable or mono-pitch rooflines. This means you get a colour and look that suits you and your property.

 Exceptional value

Exceptional value

Cheap DIY garden sheds just aren't worth it. When it buckles, leaks or falls over - that's money down the drain. We don't do kitset, because it's important to us that your shed lasts the distance. That's why we give you a full-service ten year guarantee.

How we build garden sheds

We don’t compromise on quality. All our garden sheds are strong, durable, weatherproof and secure. You can choose many different design options for your garden shed, but they all come with:

  • .40mm gauge pre-painted steel roof and flashings/spouting
  • H4 treated timber base for durability
  • H3.2 treated framing and internal supports (ensuring you can hang heavy tools and mowers)
  • 1900mm high walls are standard (but of course you can customise and go taller or shorter) 
  • lockable turning handle (timber) or hasp/staple/padlock (pre-painted steel)