Unique Sheds

Unique Sheds


At The Shed Shop, we fully tailor every garden shed to your needs. Over the years, we have built some unique and interesting sheds for different purposes. Whether it's because you have an awkward space, a creative vision, or a specific purpose, The Shed Shop can build a quality shed that meets your requirements.

If you know you need a custom shed, but have no idea where to start, call one of our experts and we can help you to clarify your specific needs.

From awkward spaces, to cooking sheds or chemical storage, here's just a few examples of unique sheds we have built: 


Small Sheds

Storage lockers, small sheds to fit in tight areas (on balconies, in carparks).


Specific Needs

Lifting lids, doors at each end, specific height (e.g. below fenceline)


Specific Purposes

Smoking shelters, kayak storage, chemical storage, toilet sheds, cooking sheds


Garden Sheds

Pool pump sheds, irrigation sheds, sheds with overhangs or verandas


What are my options?

Our unique sheds come with a huge range of options and allow you to choose between either a pre-painted steel or timber clad finish for your shed.  We have options to add extra doors and windows to your shed and can even install workbenches, shelving, hooks, hangers and accessories boards for specific requirements. For flooring, we have options for treated plywood and for extra strength we can dyna-bolt your garden shed to a concrete pad.

Check out more photos of Unique Sheds here.



Download our Pre-Painted Steel Shed Price Guide (PDF)
Download our Timber Clad Shed Price Guide (PDF)

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