Ply Walls & Lining

The use of Ply internally is great for added strength and tidiness in your shed. 

A Ply Wall is a great solution to have one (or more) walls to neatly secure hooks and hangers to hang heavy items like bikes and tack in your garden shed. We can also create partitions with Ply Walls which divides the space in your shed and makes for added storage/hanging wall space. For Ply Walls in Timber Clad Sheds, insulation can also be installed.


Ply Lining can be used to make Cavity Walls to allow a sliding door to slide behind, creating a seamless and tidy space internally. Ply Lining is great for clean and tidy storage of items like firewood or beach gear.    


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Download our Pre-Painted Steel Shed Price Guide (PDF)
Download our Timber Clad Shed Price Guide (PDF)

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