Floor System


Most clients opt for a floor system for their garden shed for a number of key reasons.

If The Shed Shop supplies your floor system, it makes it easier for you by providing one solution to complete the supply and install of the whole garden shed, removing any potential interface issues between the shed and a concrete slab. Another benefit of the floor system is that there is no sill to step over because the ply floor finishes flush with the door track. The Floor System also allows your shed to be moved if necessary for added flexibility.

The floor system is made from H3.2 treated, 18mm CD Structural Ply, with H4 treated 70x45mm timber support. If you opt for a floor system, the supply and install is included which involves levelling and anchoring your shed. 

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Download our Pre-Painted Steel Shed Price Guide (PDF)
Download our Timber Clad Shed Price Guide (PDF)

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