Accessory Boards

Accessory Boards

Our handy accessory boards are made from 12mm CD hardwood ply, treated to H3.2.  They come in two standard sizes - 1200x950mm or 2400x950mm and are sold in 1.2m increments. They are positioned between the top and middle rails and are cut to fit the length of the shed. We can place these anywhere around the shed, given that they do not conflict with sliding doors or shelving. We can even cut them to fit above workbenches and around windows. 

These are usually positioned above the workbench for smaller tools and on the back wall to hang garden tools. These are ideal for attaching our range of Bruns tools holders.

Click here to see our range of Bruns Hooks and Hangers - the perfect addition to any shed.

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Download our Pre-Painted Steel Shed Price Guide (PDF)
Download our Timber Clad Shed Price Guide (PDF

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