Door Options

We understand that the kind of doors you need, will depend on what you want to use your shed for. Sliding doors are ideal on small sites with limited space and access; while for getting ride-on mowers or kayaks in and out, you’ll need double doors, or an extra large sliding door.

All our sheds come with one door as standard (sliding on pre-painted steel sheds and hinged on timber sheds) but you can add more as needed and vary the width. For example, your sliding door can be up to 1.4m wide – and some customers order them as small as 600mm.

Some popular options include:

  • Doors at either end to easily get to both sides of the shed (great for narrow sites)
  • Double doors for quad bikes, ride-on mowers etc
  • Wider doors at one end for easy access to longer items (timber, surfboards etc)

Check out more photos of our Door Options here.

For more information:

Download our Pre-Painted Steel Shed Price Guide (PDF)
Download our Timber Clad Shed Price Guide (PDF)

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