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Timber Clad Garden Sheds

Timber Clad ShedIf you prefer a rustic and natural look, or are likely to want to paint your shed, timber is a great option. These timber clad and timber-framed sheds blend beautifully into a garden setting and can be stained or painted, or simply left natural.

Our quality timber garden sheds are clad in 12mm timber clad ply for durability. They have a pre-painted steel roof, of which you can choose between a gable or flat roof, or perhaps a custom mono-pitch. You can select the colour you want from our pre-painted steel range.

One hinged door comes as standard on all our timber shed options, but you can add extras if needed and vary the size and placement of your shed doors. All timber and ply is treated to H4 or H3.2.

Check out more photos of our Timber Clad Garden sheds here.

All of our sheds come with a with a full-service ten-year guarantee so you can buy your shed in total confidence that you’re getting the best value shed on the market!

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