Matt and Mo

Mairangi Bay, Auckland

When Matts brother and sister came up to visit us from New Plymouth, we took them to the North Shore Home and Garden Expo. They were keen on ideas for their own homes back in New Plymouth so we thought it would be a fun day out. While walking around the expo, these awesome sheds caught our eye. We weren’t even there for ourselves – we weren’t looking for a shed – our shed found us!

We’d actually gone through the process of building our own shed (it’s a once-upon-a-time story with a bad ending!) and so we were not keen to go down that road again. We were super impressed with the options on show at The Shed Shop stand at the North Shore Home and Garden Expo. They were large, which we needed, had work benches and hooks for hanging equipment, windows, skylights, and were really secure. And when we got chatting to the team and they explained the fully customised options – we were SOLD! No need to sleep on it – we said yes straight away. And we haven’t regretted it for a second!

Our shed needed to fit into a challenging space on our property, needed to house kayaks and fishing rods and all sorts of other outdoor equipment, and be secure as it is at the front of the property. The team from The Shed Shop made it so easy. They took our specifications, came out to have a look at our site, made some great suggestions and gave us a quote. They then delivered a shed that was exactly what we wanted. The edges were folded not just riveted together, beautifully made and looked as good as it was stable. James and the team were just really good people and, rightly so, believed in their product.

How they managed to slide it under the carport and fit it into the oddly shaped position of the garden was anyone's guess, but they did it and it looks amazing! We are thrilled with it – couldn’t be happier.

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