Hidden Storage In Your Customised Pool Pump Shed

Listening carefully to what pool owners wanted and working alongside three swimming pool manufacturers we think we have nailed it storage wise.  Swimming pools need pumps. Pool pumps need secure, quality storage for protection.  Pool owners also need extra storage for gear and equipment to keep the pool maintained. 

Our customised pool pump sheds allow you to store your pumps and your gear all under the one roof.  Having a partitioning wall is an easy way to keep the two segments separated if needed.  Another handy idea for the extra storage area is to have it as a changing area.

The whole family can then keep all their swim gear and wear out in your clever multi faceted shed and after a swim not traipse through the house, dripping wet.  If you have kids, then the little ones are bound to have rubber rings and all sorts of things they love to play in the pool with.  Keep them tucked away in your pump pool shed aka storage shed and you won’t be tripping up on them around the house.  Your teenagers are bound to want those blow up seats with glass holder to boot which you can throw into your extra storage area if you want to keep the pool smart and not strewn with everyone’s toys. 

Having a pump shed that now acts as extra pool gear storage is a clever way of keeping all your maintenance and pool gear in one spot so you know where everything is and so do the kids!