Take Your Pick With Partitioned Sheds

When you need a shed to be separated into sections a clever option is to add partitioned walls.  It’s a great way to use one space for more than one use.

You can have three or four different sections with separate doors, or you may just need one partition. It all depends on what you want to use your customised shed for.    

For those innovative small home businesses with fantastic products to sell, you can partition your customised shed to have a showroom on one side and storage on the other.  Or you can have your home office on one side and your store on the other.  For the keen home gardener who loves nothing better than keeping the backyard looking sharp, you can park the ride on mower or lawn mower in one section and store other small items and tools in the other. Partitioned sheds are the ultimate in versatility. 

Having additional walls adds the bonus of being able to hang a variety of different items like tools or pictures, or you can even add shelving and racking for those extra bits and bobs you need to put somewhere.  We’ve built some clever, multipurpose customised sheds over the years so we’re full of ideas and handy advice to help you get the most out of your shed.   

You’re only limited by your imagination.