The Good Old Shed Workbench

The great thing about shed workbenches is just how functional they are!  Traditionally workbenches were always for the man of the house, who would go out to his garage or garden shed and potter around for hours, fixing this and making that. 

Now everyone is getting in on the act as hobbies are turning into great ways to earn a little bit extra or into a very lucrative small business. From artists to writers, shed workbenches allow all sorts of people to have a space where they create and get away from a noisy household.

Shed workbenches can be at different heights so it doesn’t matter whether you want to sit at your bench or stand, it’s easy to build exactly what you need.  Plus you don’t have to settle for just one workbench, you can have more. Another great option for shed owners who like to keep all their information in one spot is to include bookshelves, 200mm to 600mm depths, at any height you want.  

You can add hooks to your workbench.  Hooks gives you the added advantage of keeping everything in its place and easy for you to grab just what you need when you need it.  

A workbench is the perfect match for your handy garden shed.