Man Vs Wild

Whilst we’re not quite in the Bear Grylls league we do love our outdoors in NZ.  

Kayaking is a popular activity now in NZ.  Ocean kayaks are perfectly fitted to have a good fish or to explore marine life but you do need to store your kayak and the gear that comes with it securely. There is only so much our good old garages can take so instead of cramming your garage full of everything from the car to the kitchen sink the alternative garden shed is far more successful.

Sheds can be purpose-built to fit in all that kayaking and fishing gear in one designated spot.  There is nothing worse than going out to your cluttered garage only for it to take a lifetime to find exactly what you need (and for some reason we seem to leave this activity to night time when the lighting is poor – more frustration!).

If you have a designated shed for your gear then that solves that little frustration.  Take fishing for example, you can have your rods and nets all hanging up along the wall, your handy set of drawers for your hooks and knives and when the catch is plentiful you could even have a sink and filleting bench installed to show off to all your mates.  Add in a fridge/freezer for your berley mix and your fresh catch of the day and you have yourself a garden shed from fishing heaven.  The same can be said for all your kayaking gear – from helmets to paddles, it’s all safely locked away in your shed.

What are you waiting for?  Treat yourself to your very own kayak and fishing gear shed.