Shed Shop – Time Out & Space

We all need to escape the hustle and bustle at times. Why not imagine what it would be like to own your very own garden shed NZ designed? Even if we just want to escape our little darlings your garden shed can be your little oasis.  Grab a couple of sweet, vintage garden chairs and an old lantern to hang from the tree and you have successfully created a sanctuary, just by spending time out in your garden shed. 

Garden sheds can hold all sorts so at the end of the day just open the door, fold up the chairs, pop them in your garden shed turn off the lights and look forward to the next day when you can do it all over again. Garden sheds aren’t just sheds anymore – they really can be anything you want them to be.

A NZ garden shed can store the most essential item on the outdoor eating list – the BBQ, the BBQ tongs, the famous rude BBQ apron and if you’re lucky enough the most prized possession of all - the beer fridge.  Now you’re talking.  Because garden sheds offer lock up security you don’t have to worry about it going walkies – you just lock it all away in your handy NZ garden shed.

Our garden sheds can become whatever we want them to be … a man cave, a tranquil paradise and even in Roger Waters of Pink Floyds case – a recording studio.  If you need extra space a garden shed NZ designed and built all you have to do is ask the experts.  A garden shed really is such an inexpensive way to add space to your own home so contact us today and we’ll help you all the way. 0800 474 339