Shed Shop At Fieldays 2013

This year over 120,000 people visited the event - a massive opportunity to show off our popular sheds.

We’re at the heart of the mighty Waikato.

Best Part About Being At Fieldays?

Highlighting the quality of our timber sheds in Hamilton as well as our pre-painted steel sheds. Here people can touch, feel and experience a product that is of the highest quality. Lots of children enjoyed the 4200 wide x 2300 deep pre-painted steel shed with double doors, our bestseller at Fieldays this year.

Meeting outdoor types who visit Fieldays is great fun and we got to show how easily a quad bike fits into our sheds. Quad bike storage sheds provide a protective and secure facility. In March this year in the Waikato more than a dozen quad bikes and farm bikes were stolen in just two weeks.

So sheds are a secure quad bike storage option as well as clever workspaces and most people choose the plywood floor, workbench and accessory board option.

What do most people want when it comes to extra space and storage? 

Practical storage garden shed units that are multi purpose and long lasting. 

Simple storage garden shed facilities are the ultimate in versatility. The demand for timber sheds in Hamilton is increasing. People like the natural and neutral look but pre-painted steel sheds are perfect when there are certain budget restrictions. 

Sheds are the ideal man (or woman cave) and have all the functional features you need. Ideal for quad bike storage and storage garden shed options you’ll never run out of uses for the humble shed.