Talk To The Installation Professionals

It may look easy, but building your own kit set shed doesn’t come highly recommended by the experts. We can hear you saying; of course you would say that. Unless you are a builder or another professional tradie who has had experience in construction then we will always recommend getting your garden shed made by people who know how to do it properly.

We have a couple of options – you can have a custom garden shed fabricated to your specific specs in our factory and then delivered right to your property and installed by our experts. Or for anyone who has a hard to access site, we can pre-fabricate the shed in parts, deliver to your place and assemble on-site.

Either way, The Shed Shop offers an end-to-end service, handled by experienced garden shed experts who understand what they are doing. That means you'll get to sit back, relax and start using your shed, with none of the hassles of putting it up, or anxiety of hoping it will stay up.