Your shed - your way

At The Shed Shop, no two sheds are the same. Because no two shed owners are.

The Shed Shop is different because we customise to exactly your site, and exactly your needs. Tell us what you need and we'll create it. That's right - there's no penalty for going 'off plan' because there is no set plan. It all starts with you.

What are my options?

  • Big or small, short or tall – any dimensions are ok, the price scales accordingly
  • Pre-painted steel or timber clad – it's your choice
  • Bold or neutral? Select a shade from our pre-painted steel range, paint your timber, or just leave it natural
  • Doors where you want them – and we can add more
  • Light and ventilation – we offer windows, louvres, vents and extra skylights
  • Shelves, hooks and hangers – a safe and easy way to hang everything from power tools to bikes

Or, we can make it easy

If you're not sure of the best option for you, let us help. We have dozens of popular sheds up our sleeve and are happy to advise on the best fit for your needs.


We're here to help

Do you have a question about sheds on your site? Get in touch.

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